Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chanel Lady 2

This post is the part 2 posting of Chanel style lady. This is the second outfit I made reversing the colours used in the first outfit.  Only difference is trimmings has also been applied to the sleeves of the jacket. 
Spoke to my girls about making them different colour outfits and they agreed!!!  So glad about that. It means I get to express myself more, in different ways. Although can be quite demanding to make different but co-ordinated outfits but I'll cope. :)
Won't be writing much in this post. every detail is same as first post, this is just to show you the coordinated reverse.

Dress for girl 1

This chocolate brown fabric is very lovely. its a beautiful mix of velvet patches and leather look!! Can't really explain it more than that.

Yellow Jasmine Dress. Also in green and pink. For little girls up to size 8.
This is my inspiration photo from pinterest. !!! 

Am glad one complete outfit is finished.
Now on to the next outfit.!!!

Made this Wrap jeans pinafore dress for the girls... Coming up soon, once I sort out issue with my camera, can't find the charger and may have to but a new one. Had to use my old SLS camera for this post!

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  1. I love a little grown up looking girl too!!! I really like that you made the reverse look also, adorable.

    1. Thanks Tracy. Was thinking the reverse is a little on the 'dark' side but I guess it also works.


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