Sunday, 28 July 2013

Grey Rose dress

Saw this fabric and fell-in-love with it. Although on its own it looks dull, so I brightened it up with the yellow pleat design. The pleat design is not so visible from the pictures but looks nice in appearance.

Dress was quite simple to make except for the pleat which was a bit confusing, didn't get it completely right, because I had to top stitch all the pleat layers down to get it not to move...
Dress is fully lined, with a layer of tulle for extra lift.

Should try this neckline
Scalloped neckline inspiration From Pinterest

Hi-low hem 

Can I just wear this to go grocery shopping?
Hem inspiration From Pinterest

View of the neckline

Top stitched belt with three lines of pleats.
Dress is soooo bulky in the mid section where the belt is because of the three layers of pleats. Used a lapped zipper because of this and it worked ok.
The red thing at the waistline is my daughters hair ribbon.

Had three photo shoots on this particular day, didn't bother changing shoes so used the same for all three shoots.
Another dress made, now to go and make the second pair................

By the way I have four dresses waiting for the second pair to be made before my daughters can wear them....
What can I say, blessed to have twins. :)

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  1. This is just sooo cute! Adorable! I love the high-low hem on the dress! She looks like a princess!

    1. Thanks M.Costa. Didn't think I was a fan of hi-low hem myself but I like this dress. I also just love 'full' dresses for the girls.


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