Sunday, 30 June 2013

Dungarees/Jumpsuit for the trio

It seems as if blue is my favourite colour, as I have been making a lot of blue things lately...
My dear boy has been asking for an outfit for like forever.  I had this idea for an outfit incorporating the three of them, decided to make a dungarees (some call it jumpsuit) for them, making a trouser version for the boy and skirts for the girls.
I used a navy blue corduroy and a cotton print fabric to make this look. I actually got this idea from making an apron for a friend. Noticed that a dungarees was basically an apron shape on top and a skirt or trouser below.
I used a skirt and trouser pattern that fitted and measured the length to add on top, which was about 7" for the girls and 9" for the boy. I then drew the curve in the top bit and made straps from measuring across their shoulders for the length.

Mummy... is something in my mouth...
If you are wondering why there are different designs for the girls version, well I only had two yards of the navy blue corduroy to 'play' with so I had to complete the dresses with the print cotton. Ideally I would have only used the cotton fabric for the gathered frills in the girls and the pockets in the boys.

Had to keep trying this on them to be sure I got the fitting right since I wasn't using a pattern.

I think she (girl with red flower) bit her lip and that was what she was trying to show me.

This somehow looks like two girls adventuring in woodland.... haha
 or probably going on an adventure.....

I just love this "woodland" looking pictures.

Dungarees for boys
I later removed the print fabric in front to make this look more 'boyish'
Seems like this post is a picture overload, but it goes to explain how much I like all this looks :))))

Nice having you over here.
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    1. Thanks Asa Bi, I think so too, and they can be worn in all weathers.


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