Friday, 10 May 2013

Pattern Testing the Tumble Tee

This post is about pattern testing for Imagine gnats. A lovely lady I am just getting to know through blog land.
She also has an Etsy shop among other things where she sells patterns and other sewing related things.
This pattern is known as the 'tumble tee' pattern, which will be up for sale soon. The pattern is actually colour blocked but I went for the option without colour blocking because I didn't have complimentary colours knit at home.

All important back view :)
I just love how easy putting the pattern pieces together was, I only had to cut two pieces for this dress and everything came together pretty quickly. Now who wouldn't like that.
I used a red velvet stretch fabric, and this dress (both fabric and design) is actually nicer in real life than in this pictures.

Details: Belt loop and buttons
Decided to spice up the red velvet with a touch of rainbow satin belt and some colour buttons.
For the neckline and armhole I just turned in 1/4" and hemmed it down with a single needle. The bottom of the dress was not hemmed (hurray to no fray).
I like my dresses a little longer because of the rate the girls shoot up, so I added an extra inch (1") to the overall length of the dress, because of this I put in a slit end of the dress for better movement. It was an instant hit with the girls. The other girl was asking for her dress and I told her it will be ready soon.
Thankfully it will be whipped up before I know it. :)

Even though this looks simple I can think of a lot of ways to reuse this pattern, with different fabrics and get nice results.

Just to give a feel of the dress without a belt. The belt could also be turned and tied at the back instead of the front

Try to get her to stay still for a picture, was too excited earlier on.

Will take pictures for a little tutorial of the making of belt loops when making the second one.

Thanks for coming around.

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  1. What are you doing today, I wonder if she was thinking. Is not it strange in a country where you do not know what to think about you, someone you never knew. Dress it was very nice, congratulations


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