Thursday, 14 March 2013

3rd Birthday Robe dress

Its time for another Birthday and we are so grateful to God for the keeping the girls  (and everyone else) for the last three years. :)
Ok so I wanted another nice but 'princessy' (if there is such a word) girls for the dress, it had to be long...

At first I wanted to add a pink tulle net to the dress , got the tulle but just couldn't find a matching fabric for the shade of pink I got, so I discarded that idea...

I'm spinning round and round....

So I went with this light peachy coloured satin dress with a very nice drape.  I decided to add an extra design detail  hence the shoulder detail. this was quite easy to do. I took a normal bodice pattern and slash and spread at one shoulder only.
I will be doing a tutorial on this very soon.
I like the effect, idea was from one picture from pinterest, this will also be posted.

Back view with large belts

Overall, I like the way the dress turned out, if you ask me I would say it looks like those Egyptian Cleopatra robe dresses, hence the name 'Robe dress'

Playing with left over candles from their birthday.
Can you see the hem detail in this picture. Horse hair braid was used, tutorial was from Gertie's blog
It worked OK for me, but I think it could be better or better still practise will make perfect. !!
I wanted the extra flounce or bounce and guess ok.

Decided that since I now make the girls dresses there is no need to make dresses like you'll see in the shops, after all no rules applies to us.
You'll be seeing more 'unusual' lovely girls dresses over here...

Thanks for coming, tutorial to follow soon.

P.S we had a lovely fun filled birthday.


  1. I like the details of the belt in the front of the dresses.

  2. So beautiful, and the color goes so well for them! They must feel like real little princesses!

    1. Thanks a lot Marie, they surely do feel like princesses. Almost got them a tiara but was too late by the time I decided.

  3. Happy birthday :) I will sew a pink skirt for my daughter's birthday. I hope you can understand what I wrote. Because i don't know English enough. I am following you with enjoy :)

    1. Pink skirt sounds nice...
      Your English is good, I can understand, thanks for following. Regards.

  4. They are the most adorable princesses in the most adorable princess gowns. Congratulations!


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